Space Matters! How does your closet make you feel?

Space Matters! How does your closet make you feel?

Take a look at your closet…how does it make you feel?

When I look at my closet I see: 
_ clutter and disorganization
_ clothes and accessories I love
wasted space that is crammed full
My closet makes me feel:
like I am wasting valuable time searching for things I need
_ irritated and unmotivated
_ well prepared for the day’s events


If I could change anything about my closet it would be:
_ the contents
_ the configuration
_ the closet system materials—shelving, doors, lighting etc
_ the size
_ all of the above


 Our closet space has an impact on our attitudes about our things and our home. It also is one of the top considerations for potential home buyers. Space matters! The issue is usually size, layout, or the amount of contents we are storing. Your answers to the above should help you understand which of the three issues are bothering you more and where you might want to invest next in your closet. For example, if you are suffering from too much stuff, you may just need help sorting and determining what clothing and accessories are current and suit your style. If you feel like the space is not well used, perhaps you want to invest in functional closet products. Or if the layout is truly frustrating, then a closet system may be the best answer for you.  

We at Birdie Brennan Custom Closets want your closet to offer a Triple A experience:
Ample enough to comfortably store your treasured and valued things
Accessible and convenient
Aligned with your home’s style

When closets are designed with your inventory in mind, peace and contentment can be achieved. The proof is in the results: contents are readily available at your fingertips, a variety of features are designed to address a variety of inventory, and your space feels updated and functional.
If your closet falls short of these goals, maybe it is time to change the relationship between you and your closet! We can help!

Organized Mobile Eating

Organized Mobile Eating

I find myself eating out more and more these days when I book multiple appointments in a day.

I appreciate that there are so many options available for getting food on the go, but nutrition and expense mean it isn’t always the best option. Many times if I plan ahead, I can be ready with food that I know is good for me, instead of a drive-through meal.

The catch, is having the right foods on hand, and containing them in a way that keeps food fresh and convenient.

If you use a cooler, the sky is the limit in terms of types of foods you can carry along.

But since, I don’t like carrying foods that need chilled, I purchased a bento-style lunch box with multiple compartments that is portable. These boxes help encourage variety, which helps you feel satisfied and full.

But that’s not all. I don’t just want to avoid fast food for the sake of avoiding it, I also want to have available what the drive-throughs don’t provide: low or no-sugar foods, whole grains, no heavy sauces or fats, low carbs. This is not easy to do in general, let alone on the road.

Some of the great foods I find to be portable and meet the above “qualifications” include:
For protein              Jerky, nuts, cheeses such as Babybel
For a little sweet    Almost any fruit will do. But don’t forget dried fruits too
For some carbs     Think multigrain. A serving of Triscuits or Wheat Thins can give you a little crunch and pair    well with cheeses.
Veggies                 Carrots and bell peppers travel well, Celery with peanut butter, Sugar snap peas and edamame, sliced avocado, cucumbers and tomatoes.
Other great choices include: trail mix, protein bars, granola, smoked salmon or other meats.
You can certainly play with your choices, but have your “lunch list” ready when going to the grocery store.

Another challenge when on the road, is getting enough water. I am astonished at the small cups that restaurants offer when you ask for water in comparison to the sweet drinks available on the menu. Keeping just one water bottle is not enough for the day. Carrying large-capacity water bottles or a thermos in the car can help keep water plentiful while driving from location to location.

A couple other things to remember for mobile eats: hand gel or hand wipes and napkins stored in a container under your car seat, along with plastic cutlery.

Plan ahead and eat well while getting there!

Home Check List for Fall

Home Check List for Fall

We have made many home schedules for our clients that reflect tasks for each week, each month and for each season.

Checklist for home organization

As we move further into Fall, here is a general checklist to help make your home and wardrobe Fall ready!

Fit List for Fall:

  1. Get Filters for your furnace and schedule your annual maintenance, if you haven’t already
  2. Review coats for condition and fit. Send out for any mending and/or dry cleaning. Now is a great time to donate any coats that don’t fit.
  3. Do you change bedding for the seasons? Now is the time to launder or dry clean summer covers and trade them in for warmer comforters.
  4. Cozy throw blankets will be in heavy rotation soon. Launder or dry clean so they are fresh and ready for the task.
  5. They say our shoes should be waterproofed once a year. Check leather and suede shoes for dry brushing and apply waterproof spray.
  6. While the weather is still mild, it is a great time to wash window screens and put away. And a clean winter window will allow the warmth of the sun to come through. Good to prep and wash storm windows and doors.
  7. Make sure you have umbrellas that are functional and handy.
  8. Recycle all spring and summer magazines and catalogs.
  9. Gloves, hats, scarves, etc. will need a home or homes that are convenient. Consider creating a designated space near the coat closet or mudroom for each family member’s gear.
  10. We want this to be a no scraping season! Let’s plan on getting the car into the garage. Move summer yard tools to the back or to a shed. Regroup tools and supplies, and put bikes away.
  11. Happy Fall Transitions!