Closet Versatility!

Closet Versatility!
Is your closet versatile?
Hint, Hint: it’s not about size! Even large, contemporary walk-in closets may have only a single shelf and hang bar installed on each wall. Having only 2 closet elements means only a few items will store well here. Therefore, our shoes end up on the floor, sweaters are zipped away under-the-bed, and suitcases and hampers sit clumsily against the closet wall. But for even the smallest closets, these basic closet elements will dramatically increase storage potential:
– Shoe shelves are the universal element for storage
-Drawers for undergarments
-Cubbies and shelves for sweaters, t-shirts, hats
-Belt, tie, and accessory bars
-Hooks for scarves, purses, etc
-Long hang rods for dresses and coats
 -Double hang rods for short length clothing
 Plan with your belongings in mind, and feel free to roam!
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Welcome to ColumbusClosets!

Welcome to ColumbusClosets!

Welcome to our new site! We are so glad you are here! As a Certified Professional Organizer, my team and I see first-hand that our clients need customized solutions to address everyday storage challenges. Our intent for this blog is to resonate with your “house”style concerns and to inform about all things storage–including strategies to manage your things, our favorite organizing tips and tricks, and of course, detailing current trends in storage systems. We seek to inspire, entertain, and compel you to be part of the dialog. Please join us for the conversation for Birdie Brennan Custom Closets and Organizing–we hope to hear from you soon.

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All on Board

There is something hiding in this chest of drawers!

Stand-up ironing boards are unpleasant to do deal with, they don’t store easily, and let’s face it….no one loves them. But this foldable version can be built into your closet, dresser, or storage cabinets. Which makes them available in ANY room, too!

Where is your ironing board right now?

This glide-out, foldable ironing board is sturdy and just the right size for clothes. It fits in most standard-sized drawers. Why get just one? They are affordable enough to have in more than one location too!

Happy ironing!

ironing_board_with_black_frame (2)




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Laundry Can “Hamper” Your Closet

No one enjoys storing a hamper on the floor of the closet, bedroom, or bathroom. Hampers take up space and they aren’t that attractive. What is the custom closet solution? Open-air hampers such as these are just the solution for saving valuable floor space and for getting the laundry out of your sight! These baskets can glide out or can be built in to the cabinet as a pull out. Another available option is to line the basket with canvas liners.


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