A Gifter’s Prep List

For the big day…and big weekend for some, we would like to offer a prep list so you can sail through your holiday gift exchange with only thoughts of sugar plums dancing through your head:



  1. My dad always has a pocket knife available on Christmas morning to cut through tape and ribbon and difficult boxes. We highly recommend!
  2. Batteries of various sizes. Sometimes the batteries are worn down in the products we bring home, and sometimes we just didn’t see that “Batteries not included” warning.
  3. Speaking of batteries, be sure to give your gifts with lithium batteries a charge before wrapping if you want them to be ready when opened.
  4. Got gift receipts? Separate gift receipts from your own, and have them available to wrap with the gift or hand over in person.
  5. Food Containers that you can part with, such as GladWare. Whether you are bringing home cookies and leftovers or sending them along with someone else, you will want to have these handy.
  6. For easy paper and box clean up and recycling, have an extra large bin available where you will be unwrapping.
  7. If you are exchanging gifts, it is a good idea to have a stockpile of tote bags to help yourself or others carry home received gifts.

The night before:

  1. Charge cameras and video equipment and cell phones
  2. If you have a coffee pot with a self timer, set it for early!
  3. Set out cookies for Santa!

Happy Organized Holidays!



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