Put Away Helpers: Storage in the Play Room

We’ve had questions about what products we might suggest to help store toys so that they fit well in the play room, in response to last week’s blog.

In general, look for furniture that takes advantage of vertical space–not just low-to-the ground storage; make sure there are varied depths of bins or shelves to harbor everything from the miniscule to the absurdly large; and use child-friendly labels to help ensure that your kids know what to do when it comes time for put away.

Here are a few products we like which vary storage sizes and have enough height to be versatile:

(First 2 images are KidKraft.  Third image Pottery Barn for Kids)
Whether you are dealing with small toy figurines, Legos, or building blocks, you need bins! We like bin storage units such as the ones from IKEA to keep the pieces categorized and together:

Toy Organization

In addition, puzzle pieces, Legos, art supplies, etc. stack nicely in these clear “brief case” bins from The Container Store that can fit on any shelf:

Organized Supply Case

In our own product line, we like to use closet space as much as possible for bins. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be designed to be placed at kid Height:

Toy Storage

And for additional storage at floor height where kids can play, you can’t beat floor tables with bin storage built-in underneath (from IKEA and Pottery Barn):

These are especially great for toy cars and trains, crafts, and Barbies or action figures with accessories.

Sometimes handling toy clutter means using all the available square footage to your advantage! We can help you get organized and stay organized!

Happy play and put-away!

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