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Often times new clients will ask why we have a minimum session of 4 hours. Some may think it is about accruing business hours, but it is really about good time management, good task management, and being vigilant about reaching goals.

The question is: is it better to put a little time toward a task or none at all? In my organizational opinion, I believe that working toward completion is better use of time than pecking away at something without reaching your goal. For example, if you have paper piles that you want to get through, that means you need to review the papers, discard or shred unwanted papers, file or scan, and list any action items noted from this paperwork. If you have only an hour and a half to dedicate to this, you will likely barely get through the sorting, more paper will accumulate in the meantime, and you will soon be back to square one.

Large organization tasks are different than other household tasks. They require dedicated amounts of time and focus, whereas chores like laundry or cleaning floors are routine, short-term tasks that can be completed relatively quickly. In addition, household chores can also be done while multi-tasking. But many times with organizational sessions, focused attention is what is needed to complete the task. That 90 minutes you considered putting toward a larger organization task might have better been spent taking care of the routine areas of your home that need attention, finishing errands, or simply enjoying some deserved downtime.

When focus and time management are a challenge, longer organization sessions with a professional are especially beneficial. Because many of our clients have attention challenges or time management issues, we seek to help you discover what productive task management looks like to meet your personal goals and to FINISH what was started.

So to tackle your larger organization tasks, we recommend:

  1. Giving yourself several dedicated hours of time
  2. Breaking down the goal into efficient tasks
  3. Creating an environment that helps you focus. This could mean turning off the phone, putting on the stereo, having grandma watch the kids, etc.
  4. Having needed supplies ready, especially garbage bags or boxes for donation, etc.
  5. Making sure to take breaks and reward yourself for each portion of the task completed

We’d love to know what tasks you may have conquered recently! Keep us posted on your progress!

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